Air freshener from kitchen scraps!

This makes your whole house smell amazing. It’s very easy and has a warm, comforting smell perfect for fall or winter. If you’re having a dinner party or game night, or your in-laws are coming over, this will be the perfect scent to greet them with as they enter your home.

You can use any combination of these items! Or whatever else you have laying around your kitchen! Nutmeg perhaps?

  • Apple peels
  • Orange peels or slices
  • Lemon peels or slices
  • Pear peels or slices
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon
  • Water or apple juice
  • Peaches, berries, pieces of pumpkins if they’re in season

In a small saucepan, throw your scraps in! This is perfect for fruits that have gone bad or something to do with the scraps after you make an apple pie.

Sprinkle in some cinnamon, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a half cup of liquid.

Place on medium heat until it begins to simmer, then stir and reduce the heat to low. You want it just simmering. Mash up some of the fruits! The oils stay in the peels, especially citrus fruits, and those are the most aromatic. Stir every 20 minutes, adding more liquid if need be. It will last all day!



My aromatic mixture: Apple peels, lemon peels, orange slices, cinnamon, vanilla