DIY Hobby Lobby inspired wall art


See this beauty right here? I made this. For less than $15. I also made it with my 8 year old sister. It’s a good craft for kids, we made three of them! One for me, one for her, and one for my best friend’s birthday.

I saw something like this at Hobby Lobby and instead of paying like $30 bucks for it, I decided to make it myself.

Here’s how we did it!

You’ll need:

A poster board or canvas

A few sheets of scrapbook paper, pick ones that will coordinate together and match the color schemes where you want to hang it

A stencil (unless you have a steady hand to paint it!) I chose a pretty simple one from Hobby Lobby

Some acrylic paint. I used tan for the chevron and black for the stencil and birdie eyes

Rubber cement

A ruler

Cardstock or index cards


First we made the chevron stencil using a ruler and index cards. Draw your chevron on one card, cut it out, then use that as a guide to cut enough cards to go across your poster board.

Trace the chevron with light pencil marks, making sure the pattern goes straight across and are equal lengths apart from each other.

Paint your chevron. You’ll probably need to let this dry overnight.

Then paint on a clothesline with black paint, tree branches would be cute too.

Lightly tape your stencil onto the poster board and carefully paint over it. You have to be very careful not to move it or it will look really sloppy once you take it off.

Draw some organic birdies of different sizes and trace it onto the back of your scrapbook paper. Then cut them out and rubber cement them to your poster board. You can use the black paint to put little eyes on them.

Let your masterpiece dry and admire your work! Scrapbook paper is an easy, inexpensive way to add some pretty designs to your artwork.

Frame your work for a more professional look. I got my frame from Walmart for around $10.

Don’t worry about it being perfect! The stripes make it look super neat, so your birdies look good without being perfect!

Good luck and happy crafting!

Another one I made for my cousin's new apartment! Her room has purple accents, and this will fit right in

Another one I made for my cousin’s new apartment! Her room has purple accents, and this will fit right in



Air freshener from kitchen scraps!

This makes your whole house smell amazing. It’s very easy and has a warm, comforting smell perfect for fall or winter. If you’re having a dinner party or game night, or your in-laws are coming over, this will be the perfect scent to greet them with as they enter your home.

You can use any combination of these items! Or whatever else you have laying around your kitchen! Nutmeg perhaps?

  • Apple peels
  • Orange peels or slices
  • Lemon peels or slices
  • Pear peels or slices
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon
  • Water or apple juice
  • Peaches, berries, pieces of pumpkins if they’re in season

In a small saucepan, throw your scraps in! This is perfect for fruits that have gone bad or something to do with the scraps after you make an apple pie.

Sprinkle in some cinnamon, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a half cup of liquid.

Place on medium heat until it begins to simmer, then stir and reduce the heat to low. You want it just simmering. Mash up some of the fruits! The oils stay in the peels, especially citrus fruits, and those are the most aromatic. Stir every 20 minutes, adding more liquid if need be. It will last all day!



My aromatic mixture: Apple peels, lemon peels, orange slices, cinnamon, vanilla