Baby pool hack!

My little brother is 10 months old. He’s an excellent sitter, an almost crawler and isn’t anywhere near walking. We were playing outside tonight and it was hot! We didn’t have a baby pool on hand so I got the bright idea of filling up a plastic sled with water and some baby toys, putting a Swimmie on Kreu and plopping him in the sled! There was only about 2-3 inches of water in it, just enough to cover his legs. He loved splashing in the water. It was a great beginner’s introduction to playing in a pool. I sat by him the whole time. He scooted around a bit and splashed and had himself a great time. It was just the perfect size for him where I wasn’t worried about him falling over into the water or taking a while to fill it up. We will definitely do it again 🙂



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