Black toothbrush, white teeth

A few weeks ago I saw something crazy on Pinterest that involved charcoal and a toothbrush, so naturally I tried it.

I went to my local organic co-op and bought a bottle of Activated Charcoal. This is med-grade stuff. You can buy it at GNC, CVS, Rite-Aid and probably a lot of other stores. Mine was $9.99 a bottle, I think it was around that at GNC. Now Activated Charcoal when taken orally is used to “clean out your system,” the lady at the co-op told me to take it when I could be in close range of a toilet for a whole day. Good thing that wasn’t my intended use. Hospitals use it if a patient has on accident or purposely taken more medicine than prescribed because it soaks up all the bad stuff in your stomach so you don’t die. It’s good stuff. But I was going to be putting it on my teeth. Yikes.

So I went home and opened the bottle. There were about 100 black capsules inside. Now my advice is to take a picture of your teeth before the charcoal experiment, you’ll be glad you did. It will justify your actions when you tell your friends that you just brushed your teeth with charcoal.

The powder is ground up charcoal. It is very black and very messy. Do this over an area that is easy to clean. I broke open two capsules into a tiny bowl and put just a drop or two of mouthwash in the bowl. You could also use water or toothpaste. You will want to make sure to use an old toothbrush or one you don’t mind being very blackened. The charcoal does not stain, but it does make everything it touches black until it is scrubbed off.

Back to the teefies. Okay now it’s time to mix up the charcoal with the liquid. Make a paste out of it. You can use a spoon or your toothbrush. Then lean over a sink, gather as much paste as you can on your toothbrush and brush! Get every nook and cranny in your mouth. Get behind your teeth and the ones in the back. Brush for five minutes, picking up more of the paste if you need to.

When you’re done, spit, rinse, spit again, rinse with mouthwash. There may still be black particles near your gums. Chew some gum.

Then take another picture of your pearly whites and see the difference! After you clean you sink, go tell your friends. You have a lot of charcoal capsules now so tell them if they’re nice to you maybe you’ll share. Either way, you have enough charcoal to last you awhile. This is a lot cheaper and less of a hassle than buying White Strips. You can do this once a week!

My Before


My After (still with some charcoal in my gums 😦



My little sister’s before and after



And her during the brushing 🙂



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