Why dogs sneeze

I have two dogs, both rescue dogs, both American Bull Dogs, one is mixed with a pitbull and the other is mixed with a lab. They’re pretty big dogs. We also have a cat.


Anyways, they play and wrestle together all the time. I started wondering why they sneeze when they play! They run around the house and wrestle and pant and sneeze, a lot. I did some research and apparently dogs sneeze when playing to let other dogs know that they are having a lot of fun, and don’t want to fight, they’re just playing. So they’re not allergic to anything or messing up their noses, they just are having a good time! This is good news.

There’s a lot of signals dogs use to communicate with each other. Most of the time people just think they’re dogs being dogs, but if you know what to pay attention for you can have a little clue as to how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking.

– Dogs sneeze when playing to let the other dog not to go too far, they’re having fun and playing. They don’t want any trouble.

-Dogs sneeze when they get excited as a way of telling their body and YOU to relax and calm down 🙂

-Dogs sniff the ground when they see another dog as a way of telling them everything is okay, I mean you no harm, “what’s up dude?’

-Dogs bow (front legs down, butt up) to mean they want to play. They also paw at you to get you to play with them!


Tell me what ya think!

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