How to speed up an iPhone even MORE

I’ve read a ton of articles on how to have a better iPhone: how to save battery life, how to speed up your phone, etc. I have an 8 gig iPhone 4. I don’t think I’ll ever get a phone with only 8 gigs of memory ever again. I’m constantly deleting pictures and texts and such that I didn’t normally have to do. My phone lags, takes forever to load anything, my touchscreen isn’t very accurate anymore. I’m counting the days until I have an upgrade in August.

Anywho, aside from the usual, here are some ways I’ve found to clear up space on my phone

1) Every voicemail you’ve ever gotten is saved on your phone. Even the ones you’ve deleted! Go to your voicemail screen and scroll allllll the way down. Click deleted voicemails. Clear all of them. It might take a minute.

2) Up to a certain point, every phone call you’ve made or gotten is also saved. You can delete these too! Go to your call log and click Edit. Click Clear. Make sure you clear all, not just missed calls.

3) Every now and then delete old apps you haven’t used. Or put them in a folder and if in a month you haven’t used them, delete them then. Every purchase is linked to your iTunes account, so if you ever want to re-download it, you don’t have to pay for it again.

4) Go to settings. Click WiFi. At the bottom, turn off the “Ask to Join Networks.” Your phone is constantly looking and asking you to join certain networks, I don’t think most people really need this feature. Most people go to a certain few locations every day and those networks are saved into your phone. Everywhere else you usually need a password to join. This saves a lot of battery.

5) You can check your usage under General Settings and then Usage. This will tell you which apps are taking up the most space so you can go through and delete certain ones you don’t need.

6) If you use certain apps like Pinterest and Facebook every day like I do, they download a LOT of data so that you can use them faster every day, they save certain pages so they load faster when you open them. Delete these apps if are taking up a lot of storage space and re-download them. You can do this every few months.

Okay good luck! And a last piece of advice, if you’re ever bored, just explore your phone! There are so much more settings that you can turn off and on depending on your needs, that a lot of people aren’t even aware are on their phone. Get to know it, you carry it with you every day!


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